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A No-Fault Claim

Many people don't want to make an insurance claim for auto glass, as they're worried their rates will go up. A cracked windshield, however, is usually not your fault. It's what the insurance companies call a "no-fault" claim, and as such won't raise your premiums. It does depend on how your car window was damaged, and which insurance company, and kind of policy you have.

Ask  MARVEL AUTOGLASS LLC about insurance. Usually, all you have to do is let your installer know your insurance company and policy number, and they'll talk to your insurance company for you.

Zero Deductible States:


If you live in Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, or South Carolina, you live in what's called a "Zero Deductible State." That means that your insurance company is required by law to allow you to purchase a windshield replacement using insurance with no deductible as long as you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. Since YOU live in one of these states, and if you have comprehensive insurance, it makes sense to use your insurance to pay for your auto glass replacement. Florida and Massachusetts only fully cover windshields, but Kentucky and South Carolina cover all types of auto glass replacement.


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